Thursday, August 28, 2014

Someone tried to pick me up... kinda

I don't mean physically. Clearly.

I was sitting at a bus stop and this guy called me from across a four laned street at night. I hoped he wouldn't come over, but he did and sat next to me.

I so wished that it was the guy that I let go like 4 years ago when I was busy with school, but I'm very sure I will never see him again. Shame. I did like him.

Anyway, this guy starts taking to me and I was impressed that he liked me enough to walk over to talk to me, never mind call me out from all the way over there, but he so wasn't my type. He was too young and black.

I'm sure I've told you that before. Black guys don't do it for me. I would already have to be 'in a state' to do it with a black guy. I tried once. It wasn't so bad, but mentally I had to push myself to do it. Over all it wasn't bad, but I wouldn't choose to if I had someone else.

Heck I turn this guy down, even if I didn't have someone else. So that goes back to being already 'in a state'. Which is kind what caused me to flash the black UPS guy years ago. I so blame Marty for that.

Anyway, I had a feeling that he liked me, despite my size. And I don't mean it the way you think. I think he was use to being with bigger girls. Yep. You heard me. Bigger.

He was surprised that I was as old as I was. I forgot how old I am sometimes too. So when saying it, it sounds wrong. He flat out told me that I was pretty. That hasn't happened in a very long time. I've been told that I look nice, but I don't think the word pretty was a word spoken to me since I was 17.

If I have, I don't remember. Sorry.

Either way, I danced around telling him that I didn't date black guys. I said he was young and I liked older guys. I said I like long term single partner relationships. He agreed with me on those things. That is when he found out that I was that much older. It didn't seem to phase him much other than the fact I didn't look it.

In the end, he got my e-mail address. He claims that he can help me find work. I haven't checked my account yet to see if he did or didn't send me something yet.

I want to go to Office Management school and I can't work during that time. At least not during my school hours and until I know what the school will want from me in terms of assignments I shouldn't be trying to divide my time like that.

So. There you go. An update. :) Slightly sexy, but still an update. :)

Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

This was my comment to video that you will find below.


This I'm sure was not a required class. I'm sure that there was material telling you what to expect in this class. It's not the teacher's fault if you didn't read it. And you can drop the class if you took it in error.

Like someone said before, he didn't come up with this idea that morning. He had to get permission to have this class with a plan of what he was going to ask for and teach in it. We have one person complaining about this class. The other people even said that they knew what the class was about, which is one of the reasons whey they are there.

As for this showing the depths of which the education system is sinking, that happened years and years ago when kids were being allowed to graduate high school not really knowing how to read. Talk about the injustice of being undereducated, rather than a course that consenting adults choose to attend, that want to go through this kind of experience.

As for the lady who is the cause of this lawsuit, being embarrassed and shocked isn't something to sue someone over. We are suppose to learn about ourselves when we are in college, and if this is one way some of us choose to do that, it's not your place to tell them that they can't because you believed the class was too frank about what you would be doing while attending that class.

I see a misunderstanding, and not a lawsuit here. But then, I wasn't raised to sue people over something I could change or made a mistake in.

I can understand how privacy is a big question here. Assignments and such need names on them so that credit and grades go to that person. It is possible to believe that the standard "writing of your name" was replaced with a number system, so he could award grades without knowing who submitted them. Was there any evidence of this? How were assignments suppose to be handed in? Was this even looked into?

Everyone in the clip seem to have jumped to the idea that everyone walked up to the desk and handed in papers and the teacher is some old guy jerking off over them in his house. I can tell you right now, that unless he has some english majors, most of what he will be reading with be dry, none story form, quick and to the point facts, and more than likely looked at as nothing more than his job, and something he has to make time for. I have tried to get people to tell me about this when they seem interested in me and it's like pulling teeth to get any real set of details out of them. Granted, these students took the class, so they might be more forthcoming, but I can also see them with a Freud book open on their lap as they themselves try to explain to him why they might be thinking such things. Like I said. He will see it as a job to be done. Not sexy time in the man cave or what have you.

Also, what is his title? I would believe that he would have some therapy background. A doctor with a few years experience in the real world where he's more than likely heard far more than you would think. Do you think he got into the field to jerk off over class work, after seeing patients one on one for who knows how many years?


Don't get pulled in by the photo. Most of the people who left comments were. No one was forced to masturbate in class.

You can click on the video to see what I mean. It's completely safe.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Touching Base

I don't really think that anyone is still hanging around this blog anymore, but I was in the area and decided to say something.

Actually, I clicked on a link over at stories blog and it lead me here and to a post that Blogger took down way back.

It was a set of hentai manga that I tracked down and put together in zip files. I had them all for myself, then I thought that I should share them so that other people that wanted to read them could.

I would put them on my new tumbler account, yes I got got one of those, but some of these mangas are like over 50 pages. I feel like some might have been over 90. I haven't looked at them in a while myself.

They are still here. I just had to re post the post. It was still in my pages. Lucky me. :) So I just have to fix the link to it. :)

I hope not to take so long to post here again, but the mind set I had when I started this, isn't quite there anymore. Maybe when I have relationship. Yeah, it might be a while.

I'm sure I said this before, but if you really want to see what on earth I'm doing with myself, follow the Deviantart link. I post the occasional journal there when I'm going off line for reason or the other. And in my work that I post there, I leave tid bits of what is going on around at the time, some times.  :)  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Adult / Hentai manga Links & Downloads

I'm still working on this page, but if you know the name already, or a search you were doing lead you here, then go right ahead and download the one you want. But if you don't want download something that might take you somewhere you weren't ready to go yet, then I suggest doing a search on the name of the manga before downloading. I don't know when I'll get back to this and it's unfair to make you wait.

Alice In Sexland - Complete

Alice, a beautiful girl with a horrible past.. and present is trying to escape from some men who are chasing her. She fell down and woke up in Sexland (reg.Wonderland). Here she meets the bunny with the clock, a lovely girl. Here the two try to get to the Queen of Hearts, but before that they meet op with Chesshire, the cat. All three of them start their journey to the kingdom.

Alice Extreme - Complete

The continuation of Alice in Sexland.

Ay Papa – Incomplete. I’m still trying to find the rest if there are any. But I have up until 17.

"Ay papi" is Spanish for "Oh daddy". It is an expression of surprise or pain. These cartoons are funny descriptions of the imaginary sexual adventures of daughter Julia and her daddy Richard. They are completely fictional and have nothing to do with real life.

Behind Moon – Incomplete. I’m still trying to track down the rest.

In this hentai genre Behind Moon has reached truly incredible level of fantasy and graphics, and acquired many fans, firmly associating the word "Futanari" from the name of this society. Great graphics, entertaining stories, not overflowed with hardcore, and of course hermaphrodites Futanari with unusually sexual organs - these are all Behind Moon.

Countdown Sex Bombs - Complete

Mouth watering smut about kissin' cousins and something called "Virgin Road". (Source:

1. Lonely Night Bird
2. Virgin Road
3. Sweet Lips
4. TV Dance Party
5. AD Libitum
6. Regarding Temptation
7. N*est-ce pas?
8. Blue
9. Rode Hard and Put up wet
10. Miroir Aux Alouettes

Family Circumstances - Complete

This one is... abit newer and out there. Mostly incest and I'm not sure if there is something up with the translation or the writer forgot what sex that person in black is, but it changes at times.

Giri Giri Sisters - Complete

The Giri Giri Sisters story takes 5 out of the 10 chapters including the extra with the rest being independent stories.

Hana's Holiday - Complete

During work days, Hana is just your average employee. On her day-offs, she becomes an exhibitionist.

Kai Kara Hajimaru - Complete

Love Selection - Complete

School Girl - Complete

Secret Plot - Complete

Secret Plot Deep - Complete

Shiwasu No Okina, Nosewaruse - Complete

Slut Girl - Complete

Street Fighter - Complete

Survival Girl - Complete

Wa Ga Niku Ni Muretsudoi Kurae by Juuzoh - Complete

Were Slut - Complete

Yamatogawa Witchcraft - Complete

Yukiyanagi Ero Tsuma - Complete

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back Again

So much time has passed.

I'm completely single again and I miss him alot but I can't do anything about it.

I've started school which is boring stuff for this blog.

So what is blog worthy news?

I've been writing and posting young gay stories. The first one is over at Deviantart, I think I have a link for it here if not, it's on my other blogs. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find it.

Either way, the first one is called "Love's Love". I picked it up from someone else. No one is over 22 (I believe) and everyone was over 15. It was something of a love story with a slight steeling of boyfriends in there, but my few sex scenes were still a rave. There weren't that many in this one, I think. It's actually been a while since I finished it. Since I picked up the story to finish it so I tried to keep some of the same thing going, but I had to fix it up first, so it still sounds mostly like me. Just the plot was new. I might go back and read it now that I think about it.

Either way, I moved on from innocent first times and first loves, to gay incest with the son starting things with his dad. The son is no where near being a victim in this story. I've even have some of my proof reads calling him a slut and he is for the first 10 or so chapters. I don't really remember when I gave him a boyfriend and dared him to behave himself.

I got involved in this one again. I have a mix of relationships going on. No girls anywhere to be seen, than goodness. I don't think I can do those for a while. It seems to odd to talk about girl parts now. Anyway, I have the boy getting his dad to fuck him before he gets a boyfriend and afterwords because the boyfriend hasn't done anything before and is so much smaller than him that he would have to be a top for once and not sure how to go about it and he likes getting fucked so he isn't in a rush to change.

He had a friend that gave him morning blowjobs until he got a boyfriend himself. How they find each other is a hoot. It's worth reading my story to find out how that happened alone, but I give you other reason to keep on reading. But now they are a proper couple and I think both of them are 17. I'm working on getting someone for the dad just to show that I have a heart. :)

It's called Daddy's Acceptance. The story started out as just a one shot that was just two pages long. Two chapters or so later when I went back to making it a real story/book, I made all my chapters longer than 4 pages. I've completed 29 chapters and at least 13 sex scenes. I never bothered to count the sex scenes. I have about 4 chapters left and two solid sex scenes before I'm done. When it is finished I will try posting it over at Deviantart and on my Scribd account. That is also linked on one of my blogs if not this one.

I haven't written anywhere what my new story is about until I wrote this up, so consider yourself scooped. :)

I was reading too many gay incest stories and wanted one that felt a bit more there and lived longer than 2-3 pages. It's the same reason for why I started writing normal sex stories in the first place. I thought I could do better.

Now if a few people could stand to send me a review to let me know if they think it's true or not, I would be a tad happy. I'll have to ask my friend for a proper editing contract so I can print it and make it into a book. Not for sale of course, but I was thinking of getting a copy of my long stories printed and covered to look like a real book. So I can do a proper boasting and lead it out every now and again. :)

Well, that's it for now.

Hopefully I'm back before Christmas. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Learned something

Hello to all the boys out there and a few girls.

I don't know if this is very normal or not normal at all, but since I have found something of a boyfriend, I've come to realize that we just can't have intercourse when he wants to. Notice I said intercourse and not sex. He jumps right to that part most of the time.

He needs to get me in the mood. Very in the mood or I'm not opening for him to get in. We try, he pushes, but he just slides away.

I didn't think it would a be a 'problem' since when I masturbate and I care to check that hole my finger goes in just fine. I don't check that hole often at all. I'm a clit girl and I've only had intercourse once, nearing 10 years ago if it's been over that yet.

I'll let you know when I get properly impaled.

On the 'up' side, I've brushed up well on giving blow jobs.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Have a Look.

I'm watching tv now. CSBN actually, and they are doing a piece on the porn industry. About half way through the piece they talked about some site that you could get some porn for free. I already know two of them, ofcourse, but they talked of one that I hadn't heard of before, so I tried to find it.

Couldn't find it so I went to the one I knew of. Redtube.

I was going to go to anal, then I thought about going to the gay section, but I ended up in the Weird section.

The video that you see up there is the first one I thought was worth looking at. I'm surprised that I got turned on watching it. I actually got it. I think I read to many hentai manga. But I got it, and I don't even think it's completely an Asian thing.

In other news, I had a look at that story again, but I didn't get to really add anything on to it. I left the girl in the shower again. If I ever post it, you'll know what I mean. Speaking of posting, I'm trying to post my story "My Home" to other sites to get some kind of feedback and see how many people could like it.

Ok... got to go. Just wanted to stop by to say hi and share. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Quite

I've used something of what I wrote before in my last post in my Yaoi (gay) story. Well the story started out gay and ended up with two straight couples in it. Our that little thing wouldn't happen. *grin*

It's between Sess and Kagome in this Inuyasha Fanfiction. I think I'll post the link so you can go read it. I'm trying to carve a story around alot of erotic acts. I think I'm doing it. A few people have talked to me and said that they like the story and some have told me that they like the sex.

My fanfiction page also have two other stories there. One is for Harry. Yes I even brought smut to Harry's world. As for how, you will have to read to find out.

And I have a small thing for an anime called 'DeathNote'. That isn't racy at all. I changed my style a little and did it and it came out well enough for me to post. :)

Has anything sexy happened to me lately, is a question that might be going thought you head right about now since that was mostly the point of this blog.

Besides seeing a few boys that I just want to own then thinking it was wrong of me to think that, nothing much. There was this one guy a month back that looked like he was thinking of fucking me, but he wasn't my type, and he was passing through the state I think.

Then there was this guy at a fair Tanzi and I went to. I found a cute and almost drunk guy. I say almost because I tired to get him to kiss me without looking like a complete slut, but he wasn't drunk enough to do it. Poor me.

Got to go. See ya around.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Intresting Plot

A week or two ago, I thinking of a way for a couple in my story to have sexual relations without actual intercourse. It's a male and female before you way out there.

I thought that perhaps he could slide his cock between her legs and up against her clit and pussy until they both came.

I was thinking about it with way too much detail and came myself. Not that it was an accident. I never get turned on when I'm writing. This was away from the computer and I gave them as much details as possible in my head until I came.

I could make it into a one shot. A one shot is a very short story. It could be funny, sad, insightful, or a lemon. This would go down as a lemon if I do it.

If I do, do it. I will have to find some more information to go with it. Like where are they for one. I didn't have surroundings in my head when I jerked off to them. In fact, I saw the manga that gave me the idea as the surroundings and that I can't use.

I'll see.

See ya.

Monday, December 8, 2008

ya, I'm actually posting.


Didn't think that I would be back here so soon. I have a link that I thought was worth sharing, along with a warning.

Now this place by the name alone, lets you know that this is for very adult people, along with some weird ones. I have some across a few, and passed them right over.

To get an idea of what each manga is about, you can place your mouse over the little picture icon next to the name, and you will see a thumbnail of the cover, or what they have for the first picture of the set.

I have another one too, that I'm going to post.

I came across this guy's comic named "Kimcest" a good while ago, but it didn't look like I got the whole thing, so tonight I looked and looked and found it.

I got the complete first part, but it seems like he didn't finished the next chapter. :( I was going to ask him how come, but I have yet to find his/her e-mail address. When I do I be sure to ask for everone else who would like to see how it ends.

Now the link won't be under Kimcest, but the person's name. DT something.

See ya.